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MZ Holding is an international investment group whose mission is the successful management of resources to create and develop creative business opportunities and solutions.

Our investments generally produce a balance between business, social and economical accomplishment, to equally serve the interest of investors and consumers.

MZ Holding is a US based company with offices in the State of Delaware, U.S.A and Switzerland with over 200 dedicated employees.

MZ Holding is a leading supplier of equipment, Machinery, maintenance, overhaul, and Service for both the Governmental and the Private Sectors.

We have continually distinguished ourselves from our peers by maintaining a strong work ethic, Rich long-term relations with our carefully selected business partners, and our commitment to thorough execution of any task before us.

Our Business principles are based on the strong moral ethics of our founder. They have served as the blueprint and the structure of our company. That combined with relationships we have established and maintained throughout the MENA Region and our thorough understanding and proliferation of the unique and diverse markets of each country and sub region in the area. We believe these principles are the reason for our success thus far and will continue to propel our companies forward on pace with the growth of the region.

Our firm is poised to tackle any project and execute fully the requirements of any of our customers, partners, or business associates. The group consists of seven companies with a very diverse approach to the world's economic society.

MZ Holding along with its subsidiaries Tatra Middle East, Talosa, Rosstech Export, OWS Auto Parts, MCC, SBM, Pal Group & Al Reef Interantional successfully conduct various projects in the fields of:

»   Heavy Equipment.

»   Automobiles.

»   Spare Parts.

»   Commercial Vehicles.

»   Military & Defense Technologies.

»   Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals.

»   Agriculture.

»   Industrial & Building Systems (IBS).

»   Electricity.

»   Joint Ventures.

»   Medical technologies.

»   Acquisitions.


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